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Cooking with Rev. Phil

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Tea - how to make the perfect black tea

Personally I make tea like this:

1. Put the teabag in the tea
2. Boil some water
3. Pour water over teabag
4. Move the teabag around
5. Add milk and sugar as desired

What tea is best - the opinion of Phillip

I think Earl Grey tea is a jolly good tea - traditionally enjoyed in the afternoon, but if you are looking for a nice tea to enjoy in the morning, try English Breakfast. If you want a spicy yet delicious tea, I recommend Masala Chai tea - a great Indian tea!

Indian food - the best food?

Indian food is great, but what is the best meal? An exclusive report will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Why I use Eastbent Online

Eastbent Online is amazing. I use it because I am a member, and I can create free online pages. You might be saying "Use Wix or some other good website maker, not this trash Neocities website", but I think that this site is great. Think of it this way - free HTML documents online forever!